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Hello there! I’m Anna. I am a dancer, farmer, and passionately die-hard Vermonter, and you’ll rarely find me anywhere without my camera gear. I grew up on a farm in the mountains, surrounded by the history of local agriculture and the immeasurable beauty of New England, and spent many years looking for ways to capture this beauty in a lasting format. I was given my first digital camera in high school, and never looked back! I began recording the daily life and activity of my farm, photographing everything my family did to sustain our lifestyle through each season. Now, I love to share my passion for capturing the magical, gritty, important moments of life with others--whether that means helping a family business promote their products and mission through photographs, providing dancers and performing artists with a portfolio of head- and action-shots to hang on the wall or bring to auditions, or documenting the magic of your romance with images that will last a lifetime.


I have had my photography featured in student arts magazines, on the websites of local farms and businesses, and even on the cover of the Vermont Life magazine.


Let’s get in touch--I look forward to working with you!